Session 2 with Josefin Wikström

Yearlong Recaps: Session 2 with Josefin Wikström

Collectively Rooted’s Yearlong program offers a unique opportunity to enhance your practice through monthly workshops that explore a variety of body-oriented modalities.

Josefin Wikström is the Director of Programs for the Prison Yoga Project, Europe and the founder of Trauma-Adapted Yoga (TAY) in Sweden. She has been bringing yoga and dance into Swedish prisons since 2008 and working as a full-time teacher focusing on yoga for trauma-exposed populations since 2003. In 2015, she began working with Prison Yoga Project to coordinate European training and has been teaching Prison Yoga Project training in Mumbai, India, and Mexico.

This experiential workshop was an invitation to explore how rhythm, dance and creative movement can provide trauma processing, enhanced empathic abilities, emotional regulation, joy, belonging, inspiration and self empowerment in an ongoing stressful environment.

Check out the recap video from the session!

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