Tune in as Paula Scatolini Speaks with Guy Mac Pherson on The Trauma Therapist Podcast!

Paula Scatolini (SHE/HERS) is a writer, educator, and thought-leader in somatics, movement, and embodied consciousness. As a mentor, guide, and facilitator of experiential and transformative processes. Paula brings over 30 years of training in human behavior that she interweaves with her experience in the nervous system, the therapeutic use of sound, movement, and bioenergetic principles to support individuals in aligning the psyche, soma, and heart.

Paula’s creative offerings bring together her intuitive wisdom and a grounded perspective on the art and science of conscious embodiment. Paula has an LCSW. She currently offers individual services and workshops through her Healing Arts Practice in Durham NC. She is the lead author of the Safe and Sound Protocol-SE Guidelines. Her workshops are designed for professionals who are engaged in somatic or body-based methods, parts work, or psychedelic methods who are seeking their own expanded healing and embodiment through sound, movement, and vibration.

In This Episode

  • Embodied Recovery
  • Paula’s workshops
  • Kathy L. Kain
  • Unyte-ILS

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