Working With The Core Wounding

Reimagining Resilience and Self-Restoration – SESSION 3

This session is part of Collectively Rooted Yearlong program that brings 12 sessions with 12 faculties live to you. This is an unique opportunity to enhance your practice, offering various practices that can individually benefit different people.

Working with the Core Wounding of Existence: A Somatic and Expressive Arts Approach

This workshop will explore somatic techniques to reconnect to the developmental period of existence needs: the need for safety and space, presence and protection. When fulfilled in a regular and consistent way, somaticized safety builds the substrate for interoception, exteroception, exploration, and connection to needs -all from a place of safety, rather than from a place of survival-orientation.

Linda is an adjunct faculty member in the Social Work Department at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and specializes in trauma-informed care and compassion fatigue resilience skills; Mental health clinician at ND Systems, specializing in somatic therapies and trauma therapy. She assists internationally renowned psychiatrist and trauma expert, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, with his private small group psychotherapy workshops aimed at healing attachment trauma. In her work at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, she is responsible for training clinicians in all departments, including psychology, nursing and medicine. She has a Master of Social Work with an emphasis on the neurobiology of attachment and trauma. Learn more about Linda Thai here