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Reimagining Resilience and Self-Restoration – SESSION 2

Dance, Yoga, Rhythm and Movement to process Trauma and Grief inside high security prisons for women

This experiential workshop is an invitation to explore how rhythm, dance and creative movement can provide trauma processing, enhanced empathic abilities, emotional regulation, joy, belonging, inspiration and self empowerment in an ongoing stressful environment as a prison.

Josefin Wikström (TCTSY-F, Yoga Therapy for The Mind, E-RYT 500, YACEP, RCYS) is the Director of Programs for the Prison Yoga Projects European programs and the founder of Trauma-adapted yoga (TAY) in Sweden. She has been bringing yoga and dance into the Swedish prisons since 2008 and working as a full-time teacher focusing on yoga for trauma-exposed populations since 2003. In 2015, she began working with Prison Yoga Project to coordinate European training and has been teaching Prison Yoga Project training in Mumbai, India, and Mexico. Josefin and the Prison Yoga Project and is currently training the staff at HMS Probation Services in the UK with trauma informed therapeutic yoga programs for women prisons. A pilot project that will take place in twelve female correctional settings throughout the U.K. Learn more about Josefin’s work here: