Listen in as Ruth Cohn speaks on “The Neurofeed Podcast”

About The Neurofeed Podcast: How is clinical neurofeedback transforming lives? From the intersection of neuroscience and therapy, these interviews with therapists, researchers, and home users tell stories of discovery, empowerment, and success.

Join EEGer team lead Lars Vala and licensed therapist Leanne Hershkowitz in lively discussions with neurofeedback clinicians, home users, and researchers from around the world. We explore how clinical neurofeedack is changing the way we think about things like developmental trauma, disorders, thriving, diagnosis, recovery, community, learning, healing, and the brain. Occasionally, we will also do live streams, where you are welcome to join the discussionListen to a new recorded session every two weeks wherever you get podcasts, or see the discussion video recordinng on youtube at TheNeurofeed. 

These conversations will interest you if any of the following are true for you:

  • You are doing neurofeedback,
  • You are wondering if clinical neurofeedback is right for you,
  • You are a mental health professional considering integrating neurofeedback into your practice,
  • You want to know what these communities are learning about neuroplasticity, appropriate technology, embodied cognition, healthcare in the digital age, or the pivotal role of attachment-centered therapy in successful brain-training.

Ruth Cohn has been practicing neurofeedback since 2009, with the good fortune of mentoring with Sebern Fisher the entire time. Having studied the dynamics of trauma and neglect, she has worked with survivors; their intimate partners and families since 1998. 

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