Listen in as Frank Anderson, MD Speaks on SuperPsyched with Dr. Adam Dorsay

Trauma sucks. And, to varying degrees, we’ve all experienced it. Research shows that its effects can impact and disturb developmental phases of life. Studies of transgenerational trauma show that trauma can even have negative consequences for future generations of people who aren’t even born yet.

What is trauma? How does it impact our lives? What can we learn from its impact? And how can we heal trauma and perhaps become even stronger afterward? Dr. Frank Anderson is here to answer these questions!

As you will hear, Frank is a total delight, full of levity, brilliance, and kindness.  He walks the talk and he has benefited personally from the same therapy he provides as have countless numbers of people.

So, listen in as Frank and I have an info-packed, fun—yes, fun—and unfiltered conversation about Transcending Trauma.

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