Listen in as Bessel van der Kolk speaks on “The Verywell Mind Podcast”

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How trauma impacts the brain, the mind, and the body
  • Why talk therapy isn’t always enough
  • The symptoms people experience when they develop PTSD
  • How yoga can reduce symptoms of PTSD
  • Why participating in community theater often helps people heal
  • Why you can’t talk people into being reasonable
  • Why understanding your trauma doesn’t necessarily make it any easier
  • The link between trauma and substance abuse
  • Why Dr. van der Kolk doesn’t think prescriptions are the answer
  • What he believes about psychedelics
  • Why a sense of community and in-person contact is essential to healing
  • The truth about hypnosis and mindfulness
  • How neurofeedback can help and why Dr. van der Kolk says we should make it widely available
  • How your best friend may hold the key to healing for you
  • Why the treatments you access don’t necessarily need to be endorsed by The American Psychological Association
  • Mental health and mental strength

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