Learn About Dr. Scott Lyons’ New Book – Addicted to Drama

Whether we’re watching it play out on our screens and social media feeds or experiencing it in our relationships and workplaces, many of us find ourselves exhausted by the seemingly never- ending torrent of drama in our lives. While some of us long to escape the drama, others dive in head-first—and both groups desperately need a solution.

Throughout Addicted to Drama, clinical psychologist Scott Lyons, PhD, reveals how we can break free from the isolating and damaging effects of living lives consumed by chaos—whether we’re the oft-maligned “drama queen” who thrives on crisis, relishing their own problems and the problems of others, or in relationship with one.

Using his background in mindfulness and psychology, Dr. Lyons paints an empathetic portrait of the psychological struggles drama addicts face and illuminates how to:

  • Recognize drama addiction in yourself and others.
  • Grasp the ways in which drama addiction affects your well-being.
  • Build and uphold boundaries in our drama-ridden lives.
  • Heal a drama addiction and live more peacefully.

Through research, personal experience, and patient stories, Dr. Lyons deconstructs drama addiction and offers us a way forward. Rather than dismiss it as attention-seeking, Dr. Lyons offers clear-eyed compassion, humor, and practical strategies to help us all understand and break free from the cycle of crisis.

Key Takeaways in Addicted to Drama:

  • what drama addiction is and what it is not
  • how to identify patterns of drama addiction in yourself and others
  • the somatic effects of drama addiction, including chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease, joint and muscle pains, and other conditions
  • the origins of drama addiction— and how we are heading towards a global pandemic of a dependency on crisis and chaos
  • accessible exercises for recovery and healing

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