Healing Racial Trauma with Psychedelics + Diversifying Psychedelia w/ Dr. Monnica Williams

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Dr. Monnica Williams is a professor at the University of Ottawa, where she holds the Canada Research Chair in mental health disparities. Her research is focused on mental health, race, racism, and novel approaches to treatment. In this conversation, she is sharing about her research and tips for healing racial trauma based on the latest research.

She also offers a call to action for players in the psychedelic space to improve diversity at all levels. We also discuss what a culturally informed psychedelic experience looks like, and what to look for in a guide if you’re looking to heal racial trauma. This conversation offers support and hope for those who have been harmed by racial trauma. It also offers insights and language for those who aspire to be allies.

Topics Covered:
  • What is racial trauma?
  • Tools and research approaches that are applied to understand racial trauma
  • Treatments developed for racial trauma by Dr. Williams, including psychedelics
  • Community and group work versus individual treatment for racial trauma
  • Dr. Williams’ psychedelics for racial trauma research findings
  • Ideal set and setting when using psychedelics for healing racial trauma
  • How to vet your psychedelic guide for this work
  • A culturally informed psychedelic experience
  • Integrating a psychedelic experience when healing racial trauma
  • Intentional steps the psychedelic space can take to diversify

“Psychedelics have a real ability to just go very deep. Not only can you go deep into your own personal trauma, but it can take you into your childhood traumas, your infant traumas, into the traumas of your siblings, of your parents, of your grandparents, of your, whole ethnic group or your nation.”

— Dr. Monnica Williams