Freedom From the Inside

Freedom from the Inside: A Woman’s Yoga Practice Guide

Freedom from the Inside: A Woman’s Yoga Practice Guide has been a collaborative effort, but not just between James Fox and Josefin Wikström. Josefin has been facilitating and working with incarcerated women for over 13 years in the Swedish Prison Systems, and Wikstrom’s students have contributed to this book by creating illustrations and meditations. Over 60 women were involved in the making of this book, helping to spread something positive. The practices offered are an opportunity for women in similar situations to self-regulate and foster self-empowerment.

Prison Yoga Project recommends Freedom from the Inside for all Yoga Teachers, whether you are a long-time Yogi or just bought your first mat. This book dives deeply into philosophy, language, and anatomy to investigate trauma and its effects on the mind and body, and offers accessible yoga practices to address collective and personal healing.

The book is also now available in paperback and as PDF via their store. You can also purchase a copy for an incarcerated friend or family member:

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