The Voice Keeps the Score: Sound as a Portal to Embodiment with Linda Thai

May 2︱May 9︱May 23︱May 30︱June 6 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm BST / 6pm CET Having a voice is a fundamental part of being human and allows us to connect to others in healthy ways: to communicate our needs and desires; to speak up when expectations have not been met, or when boundaries […]

The 9 Unspoken Voices: Hear What the Client Doesn’t Say and Move Therapy Forward!

While therapy is often called the “talking cure”, we have learned through science and our own intuition that we communicate as much with our bodies, with the spaces between the words, and even in the challenging periods of pure silence. But there’s more! The client’s “whole system” is sending vital information. The 9 Unspoken Voices […]

Personality, Dissociation & Compassion in Traumatized Clients

Learn to recognize signs of dissociation in your patients who have experienced trauma and how to use emotional and behavioral resources to overcome it. This live webinar brings together four great experts: you will learn about dissociative ability with Janina Fisher, compassion with Paul Gilbert and Andre Rayner, and trigger and bodywork with Deirdre Fay. This interactive course allows for constant discussion with speakers to optimize learning. This event will be held in Centro Congressi F.A.S.T., […]

Culturally Informed Clinical Research – Dr. Monnica Williams

Working with a racially and ethnically diverse population requires researchers who can appreciate unique differences in culture as well as psychopathology arising from experiences of stigma and oppression. Further, it is imperative that individuals from underrepresented groups be equitably represented in mental health care settings and research studies. Equitable representation is needed to ensure that […]

Fear of Vulnerability: Working With Dissociation And Avoidance In Trauma Treatment with Dr. Janina Fisher

Child abusers exploit their victims’ vulnerability.  Without the power to escape or fight back, often attached to the perpetrator, children are helpless in an unsafe world.  They can’t cry or look frightened or voice any emotion for fear of punishment.  Their only defenses are submission and dissociation.  They instinctively go on with normal life because they […]

Polyvagal Institute International Gathering

Save the date! Polyvagal Institute's International Gathering returns, this time in Potsdam, Germany, just outside of Berlin. This event will feature Dr. Stephen Porges, Deb Dana, and a line-up of international and European experts, all presenting in English. Details, including location, topics, and registration, coming soon to this page. A virtual option will be available, […]

Trauma Summit 2024

The hugely successful Trauma Summit returns to Belfast on the 17th & 18th June 2024! Bringing together the world’s leading experts in the field of trauma and trauma recovery. Over the two days, trauma experts will present their latest research and understanding of trauma and trauma recovery, discuss modalities and how trauma affects both individuals, […]

Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) 2024 Convention

Dr. Monnica Williams will be a keynote presenter for this convention, with two presentations! Racial Trauma: New Hope for a Hidden Problem and Understanding the Impact of Racism on Black Psychologists (and What to Do about It!) Dr. Williams will also present with Dr. Beaulac on Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: Issues of Consideration for Practicing Psychologists CPA2024, the Canadian […]