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Walking the Talk: Integrating Self-Compassion in Therapeutic Practice [On-Demand]

June 25 - July 31

In Walking the Talk: Integrating Self-Compassion in Therapeutic Practice, Dr. Morgan Lindsey, will show you how to get immediate relief from burnout, boredom, and blame…and effective therapy at the same time.

Morgan has been researching self-compassion since 2011. And the research says self-compassion is one of the most effective skills to relieve depression and anxiety. Plus, if a therapist is compassionate within themselves, their clients have easier access to their own self-compassion. It’s a win-win.

Morgan brings her tools of self-compassion to busy therapists and healers so you too can feel how simple it is and how big the impact can be.

Whether you approach your practice intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually (or all three!), these tools will speak to different mindsets so you have a framework that works with your style and your client’s needs.

You will learn how to identify protective strategies that are causing your client pain, and then respectfully and collaboratively work with them. Your client doesn’t get bypassed and you don’t get steam-rolled by their challenges.

If you “know” the value of self-compassion but — be honest now — you aren’t really applying it regularly, sign up now to learn how to embody what you know. Protect yourself from burnout and feel more effective and at ease in your sessions. Join us today!

The inner critic can be challenging for both therapists and clients. Isn’t it the worst that even when you know better, your social and professional conditioning sneaks in with unrealistic expectations?

Sometimes, we need to laugh at ourselves…and take some of our own medicine. 

Want to learn how to turn down the criticism and turn up the compassion?

Morgan Lindsey, PhD, just released this free video:

Quieting the Inner Critic: A Parts Approach to Improving the Therapeutic Relationship 

Watch now to begin learning how you can quiet your own inner critic.

Meet Morgan Lindsey, PhD

Morgan Lindsey, PhD, is a psychotherapist specializing in resilience building, self-compassion, and trauma recovery. Her work includes individual therapy, group psychotherapy, corporate mindfulness, and training coaches and therapists. She weaves modern neuroscience with ancient wisdom traditions to help people find the love and connection they long for both within themselves and each other.

Morgan is the founder of Resilience Partners, PLLC, a group psychotherapy practice based in Texas, leads shame and self-compassion retreats, and is a trainer for the Intimacy From The Inside Out (IFIO) model of couples therapy. She has served as a program assistant with Richard Schwartz in association with the IFS Institute, and specializes in Internal Family Systems therapy. Morgan is passionate about the transformational power of groups, education, and shared experience in the therapy and coaching setting.


June 25
July 31
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