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Trauma and Neuroscience

October 1 - October 4

The growth of IFS is a testament to the power of its healing capacity. With IFS, individuals are able to rapidly unload traumatically held beliefs, sensations, and emotions that burden their lives, allowing for Self-led transformation. The last decade has shown a similar expanse in neuroscience knowledge. We now have a greater explanation for what is happening in the brain during psychotherapy and how this leads to changes in functioning. Each day of this four-day workshop will help participants on their journey to expand the skills required to treat trauma and dissociation as it relates to the IFS model of therapy.

Participants will learn about:
● Identifying and working with traumatized parts using meditation, bodywork, unblending, and direct access;
● Using their Self and the Self of the client with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
and attachment trauma
● Work with extreme parts
● Integrating other therapies with IFS in trauma.
In addition to reinforcing the learning of IFS theory and technique, the training invites participants to explore parts of themselves that get activated when working with trauma, in the safe, nurturing environment of the training itself.

Prerequisite : IFS trained L2 or L1 with interview