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The 9 Unspoken Voices: Hear What the Client Doesn’t Say and Move Therapy Forward!

May 23 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

While therapy is often called the “talking cure”, we have learned through science and our own intuition that we communicate as much with our bodies, with the spaces between the words, and even in the challenging periods of pure silence. But there’s more! The client’s “whole system” is sending vital information. The 9 Unspoken Voices help us to “see” and “feel” our clients, and ourselves, so much more deeply – heightening sensitivity and connection and meaning. 

Clinicians are rapidly becoming experts in reading body posture, witnessing breathing patterns, and interpreting emotion-filled facial expressions and behaviors. We know how important it is to be totally “tuned-in” with clients to fully connect and treat their needs. But let us not stop there. We understand that the “body holds the score” and we can now understand that the body is also “telling us the score.”

Join author and expert clinician Richard Hill in this meaningful webinar as he shares with you his experiences and techniques in hearing the unspoken and how it transformed his practice. You will leave this webinar knowing how the 9 Unspoken Voices deepens your capacity to sensitively observe and understand more than the explicit, but also the implicit needs of the client by tuning-in to the whole person – head, heart, gut, cells, genes, and brain: the whole system. 


May 23
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm