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Psychodrama: An Experiential Method to Work with Inner Parts and Outer Relationships

January 11 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Join Tian Dayton, PhD, for a FREE webinar


People who have experienced relational trauma can become anxious about connecting with themselves as well as with others. Rebuilding the ability to tolerate strong emotions and talk about them is part of adult relational healing.

In this free webinar, Tian Dayton will:

  • Share the theory behind psychodrama and sociometrics, so you understand why these methods are uniquely effective when working with trauma
  • Show you a powerful tool — Social Atoms — so you can map out relational conflicts and examine significant moments with your clients
  • Guide you in applying Sociometrics and Psychodrama in groups, one-on-one, and virtual sessions, so you can bring the then-and-there into the here-and-now

Tian Dayton, PhD, is a world-renowned RTR-Sociometrics and psychodrama therapist. She will share her vast experience and show you how to help clients tolerate inner states, translate them into words, share them with others, and then listen as others share.

And there will be ample time for Q&A!

Sign up for this webinar today so you can help clients move the body/mind out of frozenness and into expression. Get new tools to use immediately!

You can also sign up for her 5-session LIVE course here!