Embodied Dialogue Series with Linda Thai

“Sensory Processing Disorder and Sensory Processing differences are a significant risk factor for addiction. Studies show that children with sensory challenges can struggle with social anxiety and social engagement. These feelings of being different, being too much, being too sensitive, of not belonging, and stimulus-seeking behaviors then become predictive factors for victimization as well as for early onset of substance use in the teen years. Early onset substance use is a significant risk factor for adult addiction.

Linda will draw upon a decade of experience teaching mindfulness meditation and yoga in diverse community-based and mental health settings and emphasizes the importance of meeting individuals where they are on their mindfulness journey. Rather than imposing a rigid practice of silent seated meditation, a scaffolded and titrated approach is suggested, recognizing that mindfulness without self-regulation skills can be unintentional torture.

This is where cultivating an innerstanding the eight sensory systems can offer key insights for enhanced self-regulation in early recovery, which can then open doorways for co-regulation.”

About Linda
Linda Thai LMSW (she, her) is a trauma therapist who specializes in cutting edge brain- and body-based modalities for the healing of complex developmental trauma. As an educator and consultant, she is gifted with the capacity to contextualize, synthesize and communicate complex and nuanced issues pertaining to trauma, addiction, attachment and the nervous system, including the impact of oppressive systems upon identity, mental health and well-being.

Linda is passionate about breaking the cycle of historical and intergenerational trauma at the individual and community levels, and deeply believes in the healing power of coming together in community to grieve. Born in Vietnam, raised in Australia, and now living in Alaska, Linda is a former child refugee who is not only redefining what it means to be Vietnamese, to be Australian, and to be a United States-ian….she is redefining what it means to be wounded and whole and a healer.

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