Dr. Amber Gray

Dance/Movement Therapy and Survivors of Torture with Dr. Amber Gray

“As we wove together Rachel’s ‘dance to freedom’, we integrated all of the stories, the mine fields of memories related to her pathway of suffering, of the horrible places that she had been. Dance/movement therapy offered Rachel a pathway to create her dance to freedom. Dance/movement therapy showed Rachel the way home.”

Amber Elizabeth Gray, MPH, MA, BC-DMT, LPCC, NCC is a pioneer in the use of dance/movement therapy with survivors of trauma, particularly torture, war and human rights abuses. She is an American Dance Therapy Outstanding Achievement Award recipient; a recent nominee for The Barbara Chester Human Rights award, and featured expert on torture treatment through Tulane University’s Institute of Traumatology.

Amber’s expertise is represented in many published articles, chapters, keynote addresses, professional collaborations and presentations around the world. Amber has provided clinical training on the integration of refugee mental health and torture treatment with creative arts, mindfulness, and body-based therapies to more than 30 programs worldwide, since the 1990’s. She originated a resilience-based framework and clinical approach (Restorative Movement Psychoterapy) for somatic, mindfulness, movement and arts-based therapies with survivors of trauma in cross cultural, low resource contexts. Her two most recent publications, one co-authored with Dr. Stephen Porges, are based on their co-collaborated “Polyvagal informed dance/movement therapy.”

Learn more about Dr. Amber Gray: https://ambergray.com/