Collectively Rooted's 1st Annual Scholarship Program

Collectively Rooted’s 1st Annual Scholarship Program

We’re very happy to launch our first Scholarship Program and spoke with our founders about the program:

What inspired you to launch the first Annual Scholarship Program for Collectively Rooted?

We have a shared and deeply rooted need to support members in our community who are doing incredible interpersonal work with marginalized populations and in underserved communities. This is our way of acknowledging them and helping them bring new innovations into their practices.

What’s the main goal of the scholarship?

We believe strongly that you can’t mold patients or client to modalities, but rather than you should have many different ways to meet them where they are. Informed by some of the leading trauma experts, we know that body-based practices can help improve outcomes. We also know that finding what resonates for individual people is important, so it makes a lot of sense to be at least familiar with the wide array of emerging treatment options. But bringing one modality into your practice, let alone 10 or 15, can be cost prohibitive. With that in mind, we hope the scholarship inspires folks who are working with diverse populations but require financial assistance. We believe in the benefits of these elements to practices but at the same time we understand that not everybody can afford to expand their learnings due to extra costs so we’re doing a bit to give more people the opportunity to learn through our programs in 2021, with no costs.

Who can benefit from the scholarship program?
We welcome applicants from anywhere in the world who are committed to their patients or clients and enthusiastic about learning new therapeutic skills. We hope to have dedicated applicants who attend as many programs as possible and are excited about integrating novel modalities into their practice. We’d like to make our programs accessible for more people, with different levels and backgrounds so we will prioritize people in need and working with marginalized communities.

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