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Bessel van der Kolk, Linda Thai & Dafna Lender on Inspired Evolution Podcast

Bessel van der Kolk
How to Heal The Body Keeps The Score

In this episode, Amrit and Dr. Bessel have a profound conversation about trauma and healing. They dive deep into what causes trauma, how and why it gets stored in the body, and effective healing modalities to recover from it.

Furthermore, in the second half of the episode, they dive deep into healing with a short parable of the raft and how once helpful things can become a burden instead.

Dafna Lender
Power of Play in Parenting

In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Dafna Lender, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified trainer and supervisor in both Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and Theraplay. She specializes in helping children with serious psychological problems caused by histories of abuse, neglect, trauma and/or multiple placements and she focuses on a secure attachment of children with their caregivers while resolving their traumatic history.

She is the training director at The Therapy Institute, the co-author of the book “Theraplay: The Practitioner’s Guide” and co-author of two chapters in the 3rd Edition of the book “Theraplay, Building Better Relationships Through Attachment-Based Play”.

For those who work with kids and want to enhance the connection, trust and joy between a child and a parent interactive, using playful activities and simple face-to-face reciprocal interactions operating with all the senses, including rhythm, movement and touch, please go to:​

Amrit and Dafna have a deep conversation about the power of play and laughter in parenting. A rich conversation about the power that play has to connect and have a harmonious relationship, to find a moment of hope and heal past trauma, and to live in this world as our own true self.

They talk about Dafna’s journey into the profundity of play and her beautiful definition of play.

They converse about what happens to a baby when their caregiver is not responsive or is abusive and how parents can approach a child that is damaged or has been rejected.

Furthermore they cave into a dialogue around parents expectations and how they can handle them, how just one moment of play and connection can heal an extended period of disconnection, qualities of a parent that can help a disconnected child, what is the symptomatic of a healthy functioning relationship, the importance of repair and reconnecting, and how to deal with discipline.

Linda Thai
How to Heal the Emotional Trauma Stored in Your Body

Amrit interviews Linda Thai, a somatic and trauma therapist. She is a free-lance educator, public speaker and story-teller, group facilitator, collaborator, infiltrator, cross-pollinator and community-builder.

Experiencing trauma can cause us to respond by entering into a state of survival. Even after the traumatic event or events have ended, we may find that the actions of truncated survival become integrated into the nervous system and can lead to long-term side effects on the body.

Amrit and Linda have a deep conversation about how you can heal the trauma stored in your body and how the truncated survival strategies that kept us alive can keep us from living a life to the fullest.

They talk about somatic therapy, our bodies holding the story of our life, how we become shaped in response to our environment and the strategies that kept us alive that keep us now from living.

They converse about the the whole journey and reason for Linda’s passion, where to begin exploring and unpacking your inner landscape and the workshops she is giving on how to move excess energy out of your body to facilitate embodied presence and focus, and strategies for managing the nervous system that can help you deal with anxiety, overthinking, emotional flooding, and being overwhelmed.

Furthermore they cave into a dialogue around victimhood, the drama triangle, how our nervous system is impacted by other nervous systems, the importance of presence and connecting, and all about chakras and how the nervous system responds to them.

In this chapter of Inspired Evolution you will discover the benefits from paying attention to your own body and the importance of the role the nervous system has in human beings functioning and society.

You will learn how to heal the trauma trapped in your body, how to regulate the nervous system through various strategies, cultivate self-awareness around past behaviors, thoughts, and emotions, and connect back to yourself and others.